Sorry its been a bit…

Ok I know… Bad blogger lady I am…  I apologize. Its been crazy around here. Still settling in and trying to get all of our routines refigured out. I have to use brother an sisters computers right now untill I get the laptop my cousin has so graciously offered me. Once I get the laptop I will be on here so much y’all will probably get sick of me 😉

Right now Hubby and I are trying to nail down our intended game plan on the routes that are available to us to reach our end goal of finding a place to either purchase or rent that has hopefully at least 5 acres +/- so that I can have a ginormous garden, some chickens and possibly a few goats and enough room in either a garage or an out building for me to be able to work on my jewelry, glass and wood carving. (see I told ya I REALLY believe I am a touched with the A.D.H.D.) unfortunately I am not 100% positive we would qualify alone without a co-signer for a property because of our income. Which is stupid in my mind because the properties we have been looking at that are for sale are all under $130,000 and actually most have been in the $70,000 to $90,000 range. We could afford the payments just fine. So it’s VERY frustrating!! But I keep praying that somehow it will happen. We want a place like that because we want to try to be as self-sufficient in raising and puttin up our own food as possible. I aint looking for no mansion in the woods… I’d rather prefer a small old farm-house or cabin to some 2000 square foot thing any day!!

Ok enough ranting for now… lol!! Thanksgiving will be here on Thursday and I am excited!! This time of year is my absolute favorite!! I love the smells, the joy of family time and of course all the yummy food!! since I don’t have a kitchen of my own right now I wont be having my own dinner, but sister is having all the family here this year so I said I would make pumpkin and sweet potato pies, my favorites!! and my youngest nephew suggested making cookies, so he is gonna help make pumpkin shaped sugar cookies with orange sprinkles 🙂 What favorites are you all gonna be making this year? Are there any recipes you wanna share in the comments? is there a recipe you need help finding? Anything else you wanna talk about just let me know 🙂 You all have a blessed day!! ❤


About back2basicslivin

Wife, Mama to 3 human Kids, Mama to 3 fury 4-legged kids, Ordained minister, Daughter, sister, neice, grandaughter, aunty, cousin and friend. I am a jack of all trades... Aint afraid of gettin my hands dirty, I love to garden, Make Jewelry, Melt glass in my kiln, carve wooden spoons an such... really love all things crafty. I LOVE to cook. i have a been researchin self sufficiancy, prepping, off grid living, tiny house living, raising chickens, goats and other animals. i never have been formally diagnosed, but im pretty sure i am ADHD as you will see from my post. I am a firm believer in treating others as i would want to be treated. Kindness goes a lot further then being mean!!
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