Homemade Hot Chocolate mix….

With the Minnesota winters often being VERY cold…. actually bone chillin cold mostly the entire winter, im betting we Minnesotans consume a butt load of Hot Chocolate!!

When I was little I spent a lot of time up in Pillager, Minnesota with my Grandpa & step-Grama. My step-grama would often take my uncle (he is only a month & ten days older than me) and I to her parents’ home to visit. My step-great aunt lived across the yard from my step-great grandparents and she had kids our ages so it was always a lot of fun. In the winter time GreatGrama would have a humongous kettle of homemade hot chocolate on top of the wood stove staying warm for us when we got in from playin in the snow. Oh how I miss Great Grama & Grampa… Anyways, I never got great Grama’s recipe but… one of my cousins on the other side of my family makes it too and I scored and got the recipe 🙂 I thought I would share it with all of you because its sooooo easy and you can have hot chocolate for you & yours ready to make at anytime. It also is much cheaper then buying the ready-made mixes!!

Homemade Hot Chocolate mix….

You will need to have an empty ice cream bucket or something similar in size that closes tight. and a hand sifter. If you don’t have a hand sifter then rub the mix through a colander (or strainer as some call it) a few times and that should work.

1 Box (4 lbs) dried powdered milk

3/4 lb Hersheys unsweetened powdered Cocoa

1 lb Chocolate Quik

1 (16 oz) jar powdered Coffeemate

1 (16 oz) jar generic powdered Coffeemate

2-2 1/2 lbs Powdered Sugar (to taste)

dash of salt

Mix then sift 3 times

Store in ice cream bucket or other covered container.

Then just add to hot water for a cup of yummy hot chocolate.


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