Sorry for the absence…

I haven’t been on here or facebook since last Friday…. between the computer issues i have been having (computer kept trying to auto update then restarting every time I tried to use it from Friday till Tuesday), and the mental break down that started about Monday till I just let it all out yesterday and had a hard cry that lasted about two hours… I just couldn’t bring myself to get on-line. when things start stackin up inside I tend to start to shut down and not engage with anyone more than is absolutely necessary (I take care of my mommy duties and that’s about it). I know it’s not healthy to do that but it just happens sometimes. I know it’s the begining of winter here in Minnesota (we got dumped with over a foot of it from Saturday night through Sunday night) and the start of the winter blues, pile that on top of the already stressful situation of our housing situation and I just lost it for a few days. But thankfully my Hubby let me unload it all last night to him (and I feel bad that I did, but very thankful I have him and that he lets me do that when I need to). So today I feel better and my mental load feels a little lighter.

I am a routine person and since we moved we haven’t been able to establish a daily family routine like we had before. I know everyone keeps telling me to go with the flow and I have really tried and it just isn’t working. I feel so disorganized everyday!

The other thing that I think helped fester my mental stress was the all day, every day constant checking of the different media that has homes for rent in the areas we would like to move to. And each time the same thing… NOTHING available. Well nothing that is big enough or affordable for a working class family of 5 with a dog, two cats and smoking adults! oh and that is NOT in the cities. As I read all the for rent ads its like they want a robotic couple (no kids, no animals, no smoking, no life)  to rent these places. it makes my blood pressure just rise even typing about it!

Ok enough venting! i could go on an on for a long time and all that would do is get me all in a tither again.

I am back again 🙂 can’t promise I wont need to take a mental break again but hopefully it wont be for a while again.




About back2basicslivin

Wife, Mama to 3 human Kids, Mama to 3 fury 4-legged kids, Ordained minister, Daughter, sister, neice, grandaughter, aunty, cousin and friend. I am a jack of all trades... Aint afraid of gettin my hands dirty, I love to garden, Make Jewelry, Melt glass in my kiln, carve wooden spoons an such... really love all things crafty. I LOVE to cook. i have a been researchin self sufficiancy, prepping, off grid living, tiny house living, raising chickens, goats and other animals. i never have been formally diagnosed, but im pretty sure i am ADHD as you will see from my post. I am a firm believer in treating others as i would want to be treated. Kindness goes a lot further then being mean!!
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4 Responses to Sorry for the absence…

  1. I am so glad to hear that you are back and feeling better. Thankful that you were able to vent it all out to your hubby, but next time, try not to forget that you have friends on here to vent to also. I shut down the same way when things get overwhelming, so I fully understand and want you to know that I am always here for you if you need a shoulder to cry on or a sounding board to yell and scream your frustrations at. This time of year can get really stressful, with the holidays and winter blues(I get them badly too), but to add on the other stresses of the situation you are dealing with……it is fully understandable that you might need to break down once in a while. Like I said, happy you are feeling better today, but remember you have friends that love and care and are here for you when you need them. Big ((HUGS)) to you today. ❤ ❤

  2. taaffe2000 says:

    Hang in there … you will find a place for you and your family … it is okay to unload – everyone needs to do that sometimes… love and hugs to you !!!!

    • Thank you Marie!! Sorry this took me a bit to reply to. haven’t been on the blog in a bit.
      We have a house to look at up in Bertha, MN on Saturday. Praying it is decent and we can get it!! you just don’t appreciate stuff that comes with having a house until you don’t!! learned a lot in the past 2 months!!
      Hope you are feeling better after all you have been thru!! You are such an inspiration to us!! and how is your hubby? Doug an I were with Larry when he got the call from Erin to go back to the hospital (after they had just left from being with Uncle Dick) Sending you all, all of our love!! you guys have been through so much!! ❤ maybe once we find a place and get settled we will have to host a big get together or something so we all can get to visit!! 🙂

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