Being a Thankful Practical Dreamer

Good morning… it’s a cold start to Minnesota December day. We got about an inch or so of snow so far since last night. It’s still lightly falling. Sure hope it stops before tomorrow. We have a 2 1/2 hr. drive to look at a house up north. Yes I said to look at a house 🙂 I’m trying not to get my hopes up, But it’s a little hard not to at times. The house is in the area we have been looking, its a 3 bedroom home, 3 car garage with electric (sure hope its 220 so I can run my kiln) and its on half an acre. It’s not out in the country though. It’s in town. But the town its in is very small. One of those that if you blink while driving by, you will miss it. Lol!! But its a step in the right direction and gets us up in the area so that we can be in the loop and possibly find a house out in the country at some point in the near future.  The best part is that the rent is VERY affordable!

We have now been living at my brothers for two months. While I GREATLY appreciate being able to stay here, it’s just not the same as having our own space. Everything has went way more smoothly living here then I could have expected. It’s just with hubby and I staying in the travel trailer & the kids in the house there are a few things that I have noticed that bother me some. One of the biggest is that the 5 of us as a family unit aren’t spending time with one another the way we always have. That’s hard for me because I have always worked so hard to make sure that we stay close. The other biggest thing for me is… Its flippin cold!! What I mean is, if the temp outside drops below 10 degrees (which in MN is a given in December) the electric heater we have can’t keep the trailer warm (at all!), and when we go thru a 20 pound propane tank in less than 48 hrs., and at $20 per tank its just too expensive to keep the propane heater on. (that’s about $70 per week) Then there is the few times now that the power has went out for a few minutes each time (in the house too) and that causes the electric heater to turn off. and it stays off when the power comes back on. Needless to say we have woke up with it feeling colder in the trailer then it felt out side. So hubby & I sleep with layers of clothes and blankets with Gracie dog under the covers and the cats sleeping on us to keep warm. lol! So those are just a few of the things that REALLY make me hope the house we are looking at tomorrow is gonna work for us and that we can rent it!!

I have to say though that the past 2 months have definitely tough me a few things to. It has made me appreciate things a lot more. I thought I was already quite thankful and aware of the fact that even though we were struggling before that we were still more fortunate than others. But living the way we are now, I have an even more acute understanding of how very fortunate we were and we still are. The nights that hubby an I have had to wear layers to go to bed and cover our heads with layers of blankets to keep warm, it made me understand that there are folks even here in my own state that sleep outside at night with no shelter at all. It made me thankful, that even though we were cold… we had shelter to block wind and snow. we still could go in the house or shop to warm up, to use the bathroom, to cook a meal. So even though our situation may not be ideal… we are safe and have some where to lay our heads each night.

Ok now on to the part of me I am trying to keep in check…. My excited self that REALLY wants to rent the house!! (Sorry can’t help it… the dreamer in me has my mind runnin!!) Sleeping on my own bed, trying all the yummy recipes I keep finding… Having my family up there over for coffee or a meal. I am also already imagining bringing the Kiln so I can melt glass, my Carving tools and my lathe so I can let my creative side run wild!! Hubby & Son could set up the drums and guitars and have a practice space… Come spring I can play in the dirt and have a garden!! Oh the thoughts keep racing!! But then the practical side of me keeps trying to put a lid on the dreamer side of me!



About back2basicslivin

Wife, Mama to 3 human Kids, Mama to 3 fury 4-legged kids, Ordained minister, Daughter, sister, neice, grandaughter, aunty, cousin and friend. I am a jack of all trades... Aint afraid of gettin my hands dirty, I love to garden, Make Jewelry, Melt glass in my kiln, carve wooden spoons an such... really love all things crafty. I LOVE to cook. i have a been researchin self sufficiancy, prepping, off grid living, tiny house living, raising chickens, goats and other animals. i never have been formally diagnosed, but im pretty sure i am ADHD as you will see from my post. I am a firm believer in treating others as i would want to be treated. Kindness goes a lot further then being mean!!
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2 Responses to Being a Thankful Practical Dreamer

  1. I have everything crossed for you, in hopes that this all works out. I can ‘t help but be excited and hopeful for you, so I really can’ t blame you for not being able to contain yourself. Keep us posted tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear some news. Good Luck!! ❤

    • Thank you Lisa!! I think we need all the good mojo we can get 🙂 thankfully i was able to get some sleep last night… now im only about 8 hrs away from seeing it!! lol!! I can only post on my FB personal acct from my phone so as soon as we are done looking at it i will post there. as soon as i woke up tho this morning my head was already filling with ideas!! lol!! o well i guess being excited about something is better then not at all 🙂 ❤

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