Sorry its been a bit…

Ok I know… Bad blogger lady I am…  I apologize. Its been crazy around here. Still settling in and trying to get all of our routines refigured out. I have to use brother an sisters computers right now untill I get the laptop my cousin has so graciously offered me. Once I get the laptop I will be on here so much y’all will probably get sick of me 😉

Right now Hubby and I are trying to nail down our intended game plan on the routes that are available to us to reach our end goal of finding a place to either purchase or rent that has hopefully at least 5 acres +/- so that I can have a ginormous garden, some chickens and possibly a few goats and enough room in either a garage or an out building for me to be able to work on my jewelry, glass and wood carving. (see I told ya I REALLY believe I am a touched with the A.D.H.D.) unfortunately I am not 100% positive we would qualify alone without a co-signer for a property because of our income. Which is stupid in my mind because the properties we have been looking at that are for sale are all under $130,000 and actually most have been in the $70,000 to $90,000 range. We could afford the payments just fine. So it’s VERY frustrating!! But I keep praying that somehow it will happen. We want a place like that because we want to try to be as self-sufficient in raising and puttin up our own food as possible. I aint looking for no mansion in the woods… I’d rather prefer a small old farm-house or cabin to some 2000 square foot thing any day!!

Ok enough ranting for now… lol!! Thanksgiving will be here on Thursday and I am excited!! This time of year is my absolute favorite!! I love the smells, the joy of family time and of course all the yummy food!! since I don’t have a kitchen of my own right now I wont be having my own dinner, but sister is having all the family here this year so I said I would make pumpkin and sweet potato pies, my favorites!! and my youngest nephew suggested making cookies, so he is gonna help make pumpkin shaped sugar cookies with orange sprinkles 🙂 What favorites are you all gonna be making this year? Are there any recipes you wanna share in the comments? is there a recipe you need help finding? Anything else you wanna talk about just let me know 🙂 You all have a blessed day!! ❤

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Our Home

I decided to make my inaugural post about our recent move. I decided that because it really gives meaning to the blog title “Every Which Way But Down”.
on October 30, 2012 we (hubby, kids & I) handed the keys to our “real” home back to the loan holder. We had been living in a doublewide manufactured home in a manufactured home community. We had taken over payments on the home from my youngest brother in April of 2010. At the time both hubby and I were working full-time. But in mid May of 2011 I left my job because of health reasons and also because in the fall of 2011 my 2 oldest children would be leaving for school almost 2 hours before my youngest who was 9 at the time and we needed someone to be with her in the mornings. Fast forward back to this fall… money has been very tight and robbin peter to pay paul was getting more difficult to do. That’s when at the end of September the man who held the loan to our home offered to buy back the home and we would walk away free and clear owing him nothing. We thought that the best idea as the alternative was stop paying and have a repossession on our credit. Now we had been looking since August for affordable housing, but hadn’t found anything. So when the man offered us the buy back the last week of September he told us we would have to be out by October 30th, 2012, That sent me into a panic… I was checking online for affordable housing all day everyday, had family and friend trying to help us and still wasnt able to find anything. (people don’t tend to move out in fall & winter here in Minnesota) So my middle brother and his wife (I call her sister) offered us to stay with them. So we packed up our entire house and it now sits in boxes above my brother’s shop. We have 1 boy 13 1/2 yrs and he is bunkin with my nephew and we have 2 daughters 10 1/2 & 12 yrs they have my brothers old office as a bedroom. Hubby and I are staying out in a VERY small travel trailer behind brothers house. we are renting the camper from hubbys brother. Now did I mention also that we have 2 cats an a dog with us too? yep one happy family!! Lol!! So far everything is going smoothly. The hardest part of all of this was when the person from one of the kids’ school referred to us as being “homeless”… Wow!! what a tremendous blow that was… it really kinda knocked the wind outta me when that word hit my ears. Then it began to sink in and continued to echo around in my brain. WE ARE FLIPPIN HOMELESS!!! never in a million years did I think we would be Homeless!! But now I have tried to just accept it and move forward. No sense in dwelling on it. Now I just have to come up with a plan to get us out of this situation because we can go “Every Which Way But Down”! 🙂
I do wanna say that this blog witll be for me to record my families adventures on this journey, but it also will be for me to share my many loves and passions. (those I listed in my about section) so please stay tuned as I think there will be a little something for everyone. Also please feel free to ask me questions or if there is something you would like me to write about let me know. I cant promise I will post on your suggestion or if I do, how fast it will happen. But I love to hear others suggestions and ideas. Many Blessings to you all!! P.S. to my family and friends. if you comment please do not use mine or my families real names… aint ready for an outtin yet 🙂 thank you ❤ ❤ ❤

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